Our village association and the presentation of it’s activities

The area of Tykköö

The function area of our village association is formed by the villages called Tykköö and Kuusijoki. The area appears like quite typical village scenery in Pohjois-Satakunta; scattered houses, small field areas and mainly forest landscape.
Tykköö was transformed into its actual village formation after the Second World War when Carelian zone resettlers and war veteran families built their
houses in the villages area. Thus the villages settlement grew denser. In 1960’s and 1970’s the inhabitants started to move away and all the local shops and the railway station stopped their activities. The elementary school of Tykköö village is the only service still remained. In the worst crisis phase approximately 30 households in the village were uninhabited and the villagers medium age was getting quite high. There were only a few young families in the village. Nowadays there are approximately 110 households in the function area of the village association.


During last decades our area which is mainly characterized as rural heartland dominated by small scale farms has changed crucially.
Many persons have finished the cattle-raising and many also the agricultural affairs completely.
The fields have been reforested, sold or rented. Only a very few inhabitant of the village obtains their whole income with agricultural means. There’s morning traffic away from the village area to the municipality’s center , Kankaanpää Town, Parkano Town, Ikaalinen Town and even more far away.

In Tykköö and Kuusijoki we have a little of entrepreneurial
activities: machinery contracting ( machinery works), ,sales representative of tools, representative of Molok- waste collecting containers and insulating plates, accounting office, farmhouse accommodation, lumber sawing, trotter training activity and so on.

The village association has organized also events for incentivizing entrepreneurship. This kind of information and support activity should be done continuously.

Service sector

The village shop (grocery) of Kuusijoki was the last of the entire area. Already over a decade is passed since the activity was finished. The nearest shops are located in the village of Suurimaa and in the center of Jämijärvi municipality. The self service sales bus passes in Tykköö and Kuusijoki regularly. The taxi service for handlingand shopping passes as well. The services as regards library, banking, health care etc are located in the center of municipality. there aren’t small children day care possibility in Tykköö or Kuusijoki. In the case of having enough children daycare services would be easily organized. In Tykköö we have a proper elementary school and preschool still. The second preschool group is located in the center of municipality in day care center “Pääsky”. The Junior high school is located in the center of municipality in the distance of 5 Km’s. One must leave for nearby municipalities of towns if willing to study in high school or in professional institutes.

The principle of function of the village association

The principle of function of The village association of Tykköö school district (Tykköön koulupiirin kyläyhdistys ry) is ”The purpose of the village association is to promote benefits of inhabitants of Tykköö school district, to increase comfort and spirit of togertheness, maintain traditions and every kind of well-being in the village.” The idea to bring life the village committee appeared in the mid 1990’s. In the archive of association is the decision document dated February 23rd,1995. The organizing meeting of the village association of Tykköö school district was hold at the Tykköö elementary school in March 3rd,1995

Procuring new inhabitants

The basic needs of villagers were mapped with a questionnaire for the first time in 1982. In 1995 was organized so called “ The evening of the future” –event in the elementary school of Tykköö. During this evening meeting was raised the concern on decreasing quantity of inhabitants in the village and the motivating to make marketing of empty real estates. The proper actions were, however, started only with the first Leader-project of the village in 2002.

During the spring 2002 the village association mapped the unsettled houses and building sites adapt to be sold. These houses and lots were first announced in the municipality’s website and later in the own website of the village association. There has been done marketing also with the advertisements in newspapers, in the fairs and so on. Some lots have been obtained to be sold also later as the municipality of Jämijärvi zoned in the village of Kuusijoki four lots. After the year 2002 approximately 30 persons have moved to live in the area.

Other activity of our village association

The village associations web-pages www.tykkoo.com are at the service of areas inhabitants for instance for informing on the news of village and on the events. In the web-pages is located the area’s own contacting data section for the associations and enterprises. The web-pages are free of cost for those who are wanting to make marketing of houses or lots for sale. If agreed the village association can give more information or show the real estates and lots which are for sale. The web-pages position as a well known source of information and their being more updated is going to be reinforced .
The village association of Tykköö school district delivers also village-info leaflets to all mailboxes of the area monthly. The information concerning common matters is diffused also by municipality-info leaflet and publishing announcements in the section of associational activity of local newspaper.

During last years the granary building area of village association has been developing into an important place for meetings and to spend the leisure time.

The common village sauna evenings organized every second Wednesday during the summer period are proved to be really popular.
In the granary area has been organized own village evenings, the Days of Tykköö-event and other events. also those of the parish and the association “Jämijärvi Seura”. The area has been rented also for private events in some extent.

The village association has organized also accommodation service for groups in the school building of Tykköö. The village association rents also a barbecue with gas, sound reproducing equipment and a kiosk-cottage for event organizers.

During the year 2010 will be started the building of a village house in the area of traditional wooden granary buildings (aitta) . This is the third Leader-project of the association.

Leader projects:

2002- Tyrkkäämme Tykköön seudun tulevaan ( We’ll push the Tykköös area into the future.)
2004- Tykköön aitat ( Tykköös wooden granaries)
2010- Tykköön aitta-alueen kehittämishanke Tykköö-talo ( The developing of Tykköös wooden granary area – House of Tykköö)

More information:

In www.tykkoo.com – web-pages can be found many kind of information as regards events and projects, photos, history of village, the strategical plan of village and so on. – Welcome to the village! (In Finnish language = “Tervetuloa kylään! “means also Welcome to visit us!)

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